Like our jewelry, which is a collection of different shapes and materials formed together into a single piece, Knots 'n Gems is a partnership of different artistic visions allowing each of us to express our own specific taste. Since we prefer different styles ourselves we create a wide variety of jewelry. 

Although our tastes are different we share a common vision that jewelry is personal, should be unique, and that handmade is always better. We also believe that who a woman is changes often adjusting to her surroundings as needed and that everyone should be able to afford enough pieces to accomodate these changes. 

We work hard to find ways to make our jewelry unique yet affordable, using a variety of different wire and materials that change based on availabilty and price. 

We are always glad to try to create that special custom piece that you've had in your mind. Please email us and we'll be glad to work with you to see if it's something any of our artisans can handle.

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